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Professional Career
01.10.2017 HEINZ International Legal Services
01.06.2013 Age limit reached to practice as a Notary in Germany (therefore Notar a. D.), continues to practice as a Notary Public of England and Wales 
2009 Senior Partner of Heinz & Ritter – International Legal Services
2006 Fellow and Chartered Arbitrator of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London
2002 Scrivener Notary, London
2002 Associate Member of Commercial Chambers, 3/4 South Square, London
2001 Notary Public of England and Wales (General Notary), London
19992003 Equity Partner with Haarmann, Hemmelrath & Partner, Berlin and London, Co-chair of International Practice Group Real Estate
19951998 International Legal Practitioner, Berlin and London
19931995 Equity Partner with Wessing, Berlin and Düsseldorf
19921993 International Legal Practitioner, Berlin and London
1990 1992 Counsel to Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, London
1989 Barrister-at-Law of England and Wales, The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, London
1983 Appointed Berlin Notary Public (Notar)
1974 Founding Partner of Berlin law firm Heinz & Partner
1973 Admitted to Berlin Bar of Attorneys (Rechtsanwalt)